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We will update this page to notify you of changes to our policies, guidelines, terms, and conditions.

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Submissions and Content


Stories and content shared on the Community Story Blog - and other platforms owned/controlled by The Obstetric Justice Project - may contain accounts of discrimination, violence, negligence, and disrespect. This may be distressing to some readers.

The stories and content shared on the Community Story Blog - and other platforms owned/controlled by The Obstetric Justice Project - represent the views, experiences, opinions, and perceptions of the individuals who submitted them.

As views, experiences, opinions, and perceptions are wholly individual, they do not necessary reflect those of The Obstetric Justice Project. The Project is not responsible or liable for the content or consequences of the stories submitted and shared by individuals on this platform.


If you have chosen to send a submission for the Community Story Blog, It is required that your submission:

  • Must be true to the best of your memory

  • Must adhere to our policies and guidelines

If you have questions about submission guidelines for the Community Story Blog, contact us at obstetricjustice@gmail.com


If you have chosen to send a submission for the Community Story Blog, we will need to email you about your submission. For example, we may need to email you to tell you that:

  • Your submission has been proofread and formatted for the blog and is now available online

  • Your submission may have some errors or omissions that we must ask you to clarify before it can be made available online

  • You are invited to let us know of any errors or details you’d like to add or change and whether you’d like to add a photo to your submission

It’s not possible to unsubscribe from these messages at this time.

From time to time, we may receive requests from the public to connect with authors of particular stories. These are rare and are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. We will never share contact information or personal details with anyone outside The Obstetric Justice Project, however, in some cases, we may get in touch to forward contact information to you, so you may make an informed decision whether or not to reach out yourself - ie: fellow patients looking to connect with folks who had similar experiences with individual care providers or hospitals for the purposes of filing joint complaints, investigative journalists working on a story about individual abusive care providers, etc.

Your contact information (email address) will never be shared with anyone outside of The Obstetric Justice Project without your express consent. Your privacy and anonymity is important to us and will always be respected.


If you have chosen to share your story on the blog, it will be public. It will be shared widely on social media platforms and available for anyone to view. We have readers around the world, including healthcare providers, hospital administrators, and journalists. Your own healthcare providers might read your story. Your words have the power to reach and influence many.

If there is any information that you are not comfortable making public, it is your responsibility to omit it from your submission (for example: your full name, or healthcare providers’ full names, etc.)

If you wish to make changes to an existing blog post that you have written, or to have it removed from the blog, contact us via the email with which you submitted your story.

Keep in mind that it may take time for the post to be cleared from the Google cache to not show up in search results even after it’s been removed. Quotes from your story may continue to exist elsewhere, for example, in tweets or captions on social media posts linking to your story. If your story was submitted after June 1, 2019, some data or parts of your submission may continue to exist elsewhere.


We reserve the right not to publish submissions for any reason including, but not limited to:

  • Submissions not accompanied by a valid email address, or if an attempt to contact you at the email address provided was not successful (check your spam folder!)

  • Submissions are too vague or omit key pieces of information that readers would need to understand what happened

  • Submissions did not occur in Canada or are not linked somehow to the Canadian healthcare systems or experiences (it’s absolutely okay - and encouraged! - to talk about experiences, policies, and systems elsewhere in the world, but try to ground or connect them to what’s happening here as well)

  • Submissions that contain hate speech, libel, or slanderous information that is untrue and intended to be harmful

We reserve the right to proofread your submissions before publishing them. The proofreading process is collaborative and transparent. See Frequently Asked Questions for more details.


The following does not apply to stories submitted between January 2018 - May 2019.

For submissions made as of June 1, 2019 we have updated our policy to help further the fight towards justice and respect in obstetric and gynaecological care and related systems in Canada.

In order to further this work, we may choose to use content for purposes including, but not limited to, research, education, and advocacy. For example:

  • We may publish quotations from individual stories in future materials (ie: submissions to the United Nations, public reports, patient advocacy resources, etc)

  • We may include quotations from individual stories in educational resources (ie: slideshows and presentations at conferences, workshops, social media posts, etc.)

  • We may publish reports and/or create resources regarding themes and experiences shared in stories

It is not possible to opt-out at this time. However, opportunities will arise to submit anonymous stories and content in surveys and online forms. Your privacy remains our priority.

Please contact
obstetricjustice@gmail.com if you have additional questions about this information.
We will update this page to notify you of changes to our policies, guidelines, terms, and conditions.

Statement of Values

The Obstetric Justice Project remains unapologetically pro-choice, 2SLGBTQIA+ positive, and committed to the promotion and protection of human rights in sexual and reproductive healthcare.

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