S's Story - Markham Stouffville Hospital, Markham

I probably won't have too many details, because it is retraumatizing, and I think my brain has chosen to block it out. But this is part of my story:

1. The anesthesiologist was awful. When he arrived, I had a contraction coming on and asked if he would wait 2 minutes for it to pass. He made some snippy remark that basically amounted to him threatening not to give it to me and leaving if I didn't let him administer it right that second.

2. After labouring for several hours, my doctor suggested a C-section. At that point, I wanted to continue trying and the doctor agreed.

Once she left, a nurse told me that it was in the baby's best interest for me to have a C-section and that if I didn't, they could call children's aid and take the baby away from me for child endangerment.

3. After giving birth, a nurse guided me to the washroom and without warning or asking, began squirting my vagina and my clitoris with water. It felt strange and I cried out "Please stop. Please stop." She did not even flinch, continued spraying and coldly said, " I know it feels funny, but you need to learn how to clean yourself."

If she had bothered to ask, she would know that I already knew how to clean myself.

I try not to think about these parts of my experience often. Too upsetting. Thanks for giving us a platform to share our stories.

Submitted by S