Amanda's Story - Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie

February 3, 2010 - I was 30 weeks pregnant. I went to work that day and when I got home, I was in severe pain.

My husband was out at the time so I called my twin sister to take me to RVH Labour and Delivery. So we go up, we go to triage, they do a nonstress test. They said push the button when you feel movement.

The nurse said, "Why aren't you pushing the button?"
I said, "There's no movement."
She says, "Well, I hear the heartbeat."
I said, "That's me, not the baby."

So she finally calls the doctor in. He does a bedside ultrasound. He looks at me and says, "No heartbeat." 
Tears came down my face. I looked at him and said "What?"
He said, "Did you not hear me? Your baby is dead."
My sis stood up. I thought she was gonna kick him!

My first baby! I was sad and so mad. I told them to get the doctor out of the room. He's like, "Take your pants off."
He had to do something down there, then he sends me home in pain. I had a placental abruption, I could have died at home.

I got induced the next day where I had my normal OB who was amazing. My son died and I almost died. I was hurt, sad, and angry. To this day I will never wanna step foot near that doctor. 

Did you provide feedback to your care providers? No, but I should have. After I had the baby, I did the funeral. I almost died, so I forgot.


Submitted by Amanda