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2013 - I had a midwife and a wonderful pregnancy. Baby was comfy and fine. At 41 weeks, midwife suggests I go for biometrics just to be sure babe is okay. I still feel lots of moving around so I'm not worried. Nurses in OB for biometrics were kind enough, but hurried. All the tests come back normal, no worries.

At 42 1/2 weeks I opt to be induced to have a chance at a vaginal birth. I spent 36 hours in labour (mostly because my midwife was a fantastic voice on my behalf). I also was not forced into anything, all the nurses and the resident thus far were fantastic. Midwife had warned my that baby could be peeling and may have lost some weight because of how long she'd been in-utero but would otherwise be perfectly healthy. When I started to be sick to my stomach I decided for a section, I was exhausted and was concerned I wouldn't be able to push.

The C-section was fine, no one said the sex of the baby until I got to hold her in the surgery room (again, thanks to my midwife and husband). Once my incision was closed the OB screamed at me!!!!!! "Don't you know what could have happened, I don't ever want to see you in this hospital again!"

I am not afraid of confrontation at all and had I not just delivered a baby after 36 hours of labour, I would have yelled back. He made me feel like I left the life of my baby to chance without a care about her well being. HIS screaming contributed to me deciding no more children. Odds were I would go overdue again and being over 35 meant my odds of a VBAC were incredibly slim. I couldn't stand the thought of being screamed at on the most blessed day again.

A normal pregnancy is not a MEDICAL CONDITION. I get so infuriated when I think about it.

HE has never carried a child.

HE can't possibly understand the connection a mom has with her unborn child.

HE thinks I'm a statistic and not a human capable of making educated choices. 

I've always been distrustful of men in authority positions, and this just added more weight to my belief. I feel like had I been 25 years old (I was 38 when babe was born) I would have been treated differently. I also believe the OB was pissed because my midwife was with me the entire time and he didn't want her there but the law forced him to keep his mouth shut

I discussed it at great length with my midwife. Had I KNOWN I could file a complaint, I would have

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