S's Story - Calgary, Alberta

 January 4, 2019 - With an overdue pregnancy, I went to get acupuncture at Downtown Acupuncture & Massage to help induce bubs. The acupuncturist saw my ankle tattoo and asked if I had any others. I said yes and lifted the towel at my hip to show him the other. After the massage he'd removed the needles, paused and lifted the towel himself and commented on the tattoo. Recently I realized there's malpractice laws against this and informed the Canadian Acupuncture Association, but did not get a response. I also made a google review online about my experience to warn others and received two long fiesty messages back from him, demanding I come down and give an explanation because it wasn't true and that I didn't say thank-you.

I didn't feel comfortable speaking up at the time. I will not have a man for any medical or alternative medicine appointments anymore. I don't think they know respectful limits and I'll pay extra for a woman, to know my body won't be disrespected by some creeper. I went for this company because I found a Groupon deal, but I wish there was some law enforcement or reply from the association to keep these men in check.

I was treated very well by the pregnancy care centre, friends, and Red Community Midwives. They went above and beyond. My 2 HR bosses at work made my pregnancy very difficult and stressful, as I was working until 39 weeks. I was in their office every week or two for misconduct, threatening to fire me because I lacked "common sense." (This was a simple cafe position.)
This would’ve put my paid maternity leave in jeopardy, so I had to sit down, shut up and bow, until I got out of there alive. I've never seen such abuse of power, and especially towards a woman working 39 weeks pregnant - with no family or partner for support. I took no sick days but asked to finish work twice, 1 1/2 hours early for a night prenatal classes. This followed with visits to their offices, that one week's notice to ask for time off was not enough, beratement and more abuse. There is no one else above them in our company, to complain about their behaviour. The boss lives in Quebec.

I made a public online review of my experience at acupuncture. I'm currently still employed with the company, under maternity leave for the health insurance. I have not commented to them, they're like sharks and I'll go out of my way to avoid any conversation with them - even purchasing or going toilet downstairs near their offices.

Submitted by S