J's Story - Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, Oakville

June 2015 - I asked for an epidural several times and was just ignored. I assume the midwife wanted me to deliver naturally because the baby was coming quickly (which I didn't know) and the didn't want to slow it down with an epidural, but nothing was said to me.

I asked repeatedly and she continued to prep for delivery. She did finally page someone and the baby was born immediately after the epidural was put in. I just wanted to know what was happening. I probably could have gone without had I known the timeline, but I was so scared and felt out of control when no one was listening.

 I know there are far more traumatic birth stories and I don't want to put my situation in the same box as those. At the same time, I really struggled emotionally after that and didn't want to see her at the follow-up appointments. I re-played the situation several times, wondering if I should have said something differently or not had the epidural. I've never had a situation in which I felt so out of control and it was hard to overcome.

I did write a letter to the midwives, but there was no response.

Submitted by J