Lysa's Story - Queensway-Carleton Hospital, Ottawa

Nov 2, 2012 - Every single nurse except for one, read my drug test WRONG. A complaint was called in that I was smoking crack while pregnant. Doing their jobs, the nurses ran a drug test. Apparently every nurse was incompetent because they informed CAS that I was positive for crack/cocaine when in reality, I was not. I was crying telling them this was was a mistake. CAS informed me hospitals don't make these kinds of mistakes and they took my child away for 3 days.

I was also forced to stand up and walk to a private room 4hrs after giving birth. I was still under the influence of my epidural. I was then questioned alone and groggy from the drugs!

I was not able to bond with my child at the most crucial time and breastfeed. He would not latch on when the one nurse who knew how to do their job informed me I could try breastfeeding since my test came back clean. I get so angry thinking about how they ruined my whole birthing experience.

My parents kind of freaked out and I had multiple people come in my room to apologize, which doesn't fix anything in my opinion. CAS wrote me a letter saying a mistake was made and that my court date was cancelled.

Submitted by Lysa Faucher