Katie's Story - McMaster Children's Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario

“To give an idea of how much blood I lost... I was severely anemic for almost 1 and 1/2 years after having my son. My hemoglobin was so low they weren't going to release me.

But this is when the most heartbreaking thing happened. I wasnt even clear to be released and we were told my son was lowest priority in the neonatal unit and was being transported to St. Catherine's, an hour or so away from our home.

My husband and I were devastated I contacted the hospital management and filed a complaint. But this did nothing. They took him without our expressed consent.”

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Jennifer's Story - Ottawa General Hospital, Ottawa

“I had to go to the ER after a month & a half for pelvic pain. I found out I still had tissue inside, so I had to get a D&C and then get restitched up. Now things down there don’t even look right - good thing I don’t wanna be a stripper! On top of that, I’m now waiting to get my child into physio at CHEO as he has torticollis, which (I’ll be finding out but I’m assuming) is from the trauma of his birth.”

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A's Story - London Health Sciences Centre, London

“I was trying to get my daughter on bottle - they had her on a feeding tube. After 36 hours of having her on a bottle, I needed sleep. I'm surprised I stayed up that long. Her one feed during my short 4 hour sleep, the nurse fed her through her tube because she couldn't be bothered to try and feed her through the bottle.. so to say the least, I was back at stage one.”

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