K's Story - ONE Fertility, Burlington

2009 - When I was first married, we started trying for a baby immediately. I was only 23 so I didn’t foresee a problem. After a year of trying I was sent to ONE Fertility. They gave us the options and we wanted a baby right away so we went straight to IVF. When I was having ultrasounds, they would always hesitate on my left ovary but they told me I was completely fine and that my husband's sperm was not great. I had three failed cycles, one fresh and two frozen, and nothing happened. I was shocked. 

I went back to my family doctor and asked to be referred elsewhere. He sent my file to a different doctor who reviewed it and said they did everything they could do, he refused to refer me. 

My sister was trying to have her second child at the time. She was having issues so our family doctor referred her to Dr. Stopps. She ended up falling pregnant before the appointment so my mom called and asked the secretary if I could go instead and they let me. As soon as I had my first exam with him, he told me I had endometriosis as my uterine ligaments were painful and it was a clear sign. I went on to have stage 4 endometriosis with large endometriomas on my left ovary. I had two surgeries with Dr. Stopps. After the second surgery I had my last attempt at IVF. I got pregnant with twins and have 6 frozen embryos. Dr. Stopps was a wonderful doctor and unfortunately retired after my twins were born. Without his help I wouldn’t have known of my condition and wouldn’t have my babies!

I tried 6.5 years to have children and 3 years was not even knowing I had endometriosis. It was the worst time of my life mentally. I was young when this happened and maybe a little naive thinking I would go and they would get me pregnant immediately. I never did complain to ONE Fertility but figured it wouldn’t matter as they are a private clinic anyway.

Submitted by K