Hanna's Story - Dr. Saraf, Sarnia

Summer 2016 - I got pregnant at 22 and was referred to Dr. Saraf as an OB/GYN. 5'5 and 175lbs was my start. I wasn't a fat girl, but not skinny either. I was curvy and in better shape than most women that weighed less. During every appointment she would tell me I was fat, that I need to lose weight. At one appointment she even told me "Nobody will want to be with a fat girl that has a child". I was, and am still, with the father of my child.

She threatened C.A.S. on us because we were young and she believed we would never be able to support a child, though we are both employed full-time with a combined yearly income of over $70,000.

I left every appointment sobbing. Eventually I was referred to a different OB/GYN - thankfully.

I developed serious depression, which turned into severe PPD. I still feel very uncomfortable with myself and get bouts of anxiety thinking about it. She discriminated against me based on my weight, age, and she made assumptions about my family income.

I didn't complain. I was too ashamed to mention it. I told my family and husband but nothing else from there.

Submitted by Hanna