Susan's Story - Stratford General Hospital, Ontario

November 2007 - After having a difficult end of pregnancy with constant complaints to my OB, Christine Bloch that were never paid any attention to, I delivered my son after a difficult delivery on November 20, 2007.

The next few days were not so good and I went from being fairly well to very ill requiring emergency surgery, being cut open from my breast bone to my pubic bone. Finding out I have a large cyst and umbilical hernia and had become septic. During surgery my heart stopped up to four separate times, leaving me in very poor condition in the ICU after surgery where I was to remain for many weeks.

After a six week stay in hospital I was finally released, better but still not perfect. A mere time later I was forced to have a complete hysterectomy. I failed to bond with my baby immediately. I’ve had many poor health encounters, and so many more emotional and mental issues due to the delivery.

I believe Dr. Bloch was negligent during delivery. She literally reached inside me with her arm, pretty well inside me to her shoulder, pulling my baby out. Then also having the placenta ripped outta me and obviously a very severe infection afterwards.

I didn’t know who to speak to so I didn’t provide feedback.

Submitted by Susan Horton