Jennifer's Story - Ottawa General Hospital, Ottawa

December 12, 2017 - So after being monitored and having all my appointments at the General Hospital because of getting a cervical cerclage, I decided to deliver there instead of my local hospital. At 1:00 in the morning my water broke during a snow storm, so we head to Ottawa and get to the hospital around 2am.

I’m not dilated more than 3cm so I’m put on the stuff to induce contractions to help me dilate. I get my epidural and my pain medication. The whole time I’m in labour the baby isn’t happy and his heart goes all over the place. They talk about moving me to an OR in case they need to do a C-section. I’m guessing they never had an OR available - they were really busy. So after labouring for however long, they mention it again but instead they just up my stuff to make me contract (which I add the baby doesn’t like and isn’t happy with) and get me to push and push.

I’m having horrible contractions through my left hip. The baby is stuck in my hip at this point, they made me wait so long they have no choice. The baby has to come out now (this is with the doctor going obviously in and out of my room to another patient) so they have to cut me and use forceps to get the baby out before it’s too late since they never moved me to an OR. 

There's also probably more than ten doctors in my room including the NICU team. So after yanking (and I mean yanking!) on my baby with forceps to get him out, I deliver him at 4:32 pm. I hear a small cry but by this point his lungs have been filled with too much fluid so they have to suck his lungs out and give him oxygen to get him breathing normally. I’ll skip the stitching part 'til later.

He spent 6 hours in NICU for low blood sugar then moved to a room with me. I couldn't get a private room at the time and had them move three different people in and out of my two-bed room 'til I got my private room. During that time I had three different nurses step on my catheter.

So with all this, the doctor forgot about coming to take my catheter out ... they told me I was free to leave then made me wait another two hours to get a prescription from the doctor since I was in pain... The doctor didn’t stitch me up good and tight, my stitches came out too early, they got infected on top of that.

I had to go to the ER after a month & a half for pelvic pain. I found out I still had tissue inside, so I had to get a D&C and then get restitched up. Now things down there don’t even look right - good thing I don’t wanna be a stripper! On top of that, I’m now waiting to get my child into physio at CHEO as he has torticollis, which (I’ll be finding out but I’m assuming) is from the trauma of his birth.

They were too busy and couldn’t handle how many problems there were while giving birth and they almost jeopardized my son's life. I’ll never give birth there again. My nurse in delivery was great but the doctor sucked and the nurses in the maternity ward just ignore you! I didn't give feedback but I’m thinking of it.

Submitted by Jennifer