A's Story - Ottawa Valley Family Health Team, Almonte, Ontario

3 days ago , Summer 2019 - I told my doctor I am pregnant. I am young and just went through an abortion a year and half ago. I told her I wanted to keep it this time and she looked at me like I was crazy. Instead of supporting my decision, she immediately began feeding me reasons NOT to have my baby. She shut down any hopeful line I tried to give her.

I wasn't aware I was pregnant and told her I had drank several times due to my ignorance to the situation. I am not far along. Only about 5 or 6 weeks. Instead of informing me that there are tests to ensure the baby is okay, she told me my baby would indefinitely suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome and that I should abort it because of it. She told me I should get married first and plan for a pregnancy and she didn't think it was a good idea for me to have this baby. To try again at a later day and that I need to be mature about the feelings of guilt that come with abortion, that childbirth is much more traumatic than abortion and that I should remember that when making my decision.

I left that appointment depressed and extremely scared and full of doubt and have spent every day in bed and depressed since. I am very upset she didn't provide me with all the information I needed, and instead left me with a lot of unknowingness and fear. I am upset that she pushed abortion so heavily on me and made me feel incapable of being a sound mother. I am upset she offered fear mongering over support and understanding . This isn't the first incident I've had with her, she often ignores my symptoms of illness, etc. But that is an entire other story. I will be going to a walk in clinic for a second, legitimately professional, unbiased opinion.

I am now depressed and extremely scared that my baby will be unhealthy and I feel like I do not have access to all the correct information.

I feel like she is against me specifically because I am young and do not have a set career or marriage yet.

I didn't speak up with her. Eventually I broke down crying and left the appointment with a blood work referral and ultrasound referral. She told me we wouldn't bother doing all the prenatal blood work because we aren't sure if I should keep it yet or not. When I told her it didn’t feel right this time to have an abortion, she told me I could benefit from counselling. 

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