Natalee's Story - London Health Sciences Centre, London

March 2017 - It was 2 months before my son's due date and I had no idea that my water had broken. When I got admitted to the hospital because I was feeling unwell, the nurse that admitted us was extremely rude and gave me attitude about me not knowing symptoms of early labour (this is my first child). She hooked me up to the monitors and wouldn't let me adjust my position. I was sitting in such a way I was putting a lot of pressure on my lower back and for a pregnant person, it's extremely painful.

Now fast forward to my son in the NICU. At 2 months premature my son couldn't latch on and one nurse in particular started to force him to. After I told her we'll try again, she was sticking her fingers in his mouth and rough housing him into latching onto me which made me very uncomfortable.

I wish I could've been in more control of my situation, but I lacked knowledge. I was an inexperienced mom. I did give feedback. No response.

Submitted by Natalee B