DB’s Story - Winnipeg, Manitoba

December 2016 - I was a first time mom and after having my son I was having issues getting baby to latch. I had a few nice nurses who told me not to worry, that it’ll happen just to keep trying. Until one specific nurse came in and started taking my son’s head and shoving it into my breast. I was uncomfortable and emotional. I was told to grow up and shove my breast into his mouth. I was trying to listen to her advice with a grain of salt although the comments and having my son crying because he was being forced into my breast was becoming too much. At this point I was hysterically crying and asked the nurse to please leave. She began to yell and tell me how she was helping me and that’s what I have to do if I want baby to latch. 

After this experience I completely gave up breastfeeding as I felt defeated and quite traumatized. Not only did it affect my experience with my son but it has also gave me anxious thoughts about my experience with my second child.

I am now traumatized and feel fearful towards future breastfeeding experiences.

I tried to speak to other people to report the incident however I was extremely emotional and felt as though I had done something wrong.

Submitted by DB