J's Story - Brampton Civic Hospital, Brampton

November 2016 - My OB wanted to get a scalp clip onto my babe's head (while in utero) and had a hard time when it didn't work. She continued to ram her hands into me to get the clip attached while I screamed in agony until my nurse (thanks to her ♡) suggested she give me a break. I gave no consent for any internals and just assumed that this was a requirement.

I had many hands in me and was forced to defecate in bed because my nurse didn't want to take liability for my baby dying "in case I moved". My experience in labour was fear and anxiety and shame as my nurse wouldn't even bring me a bed pan. I felt scared and helpless. I felt terrible for my partner and mother who had to watch me go through that.

That being said, the OB on day shift was amazing and made my C-section a collaborative and fear-free experience. Just goes to show that WHO is in your birthing sphere makes a huge difference.

I felt devastated for our neighbours who spoke little English. When it came time for them to pay (I believe partner was on contract in Canada), the nurses were not schooled in financials and kept shouting at them (new parents) to go to the front desk. It was sad and horrid that as new parents, they had to deal with that abuse. We tried to help but did not speak Portuguese.

I didn't provide feedback - I thought I would, but didn't.

Submitted by J