A's Story - London Health Sciences Centre, London

March 2018 - I don't remember much of my labour or much of that day... a lot of what happened occurred over two weeks of me being admitted and discharged a couple times. My daughter was born via an emergency c-section. Long story short, I had no complications throughout my pregnancy until the very end when she stopped growing between my second last and last appointment, just before I was scheduled to be induced, I went into labour and my contractions were too much for her little body. She ended up in NICU. her care was good except for one occasion I recall, I'll get back to that. Anyways, that night my nurse never wrote anything down so the next nurse had no idea when I last had my needed medication or any of that stuff.

On numerous occasions throughout the following day my nurses were slacking with my care (late for my medication, when I needed help getting up or anything it would take sometimes up to an hour... needless to say I learned to get up quick on my own). I was released a couple days afterwards. Not one nurse checked the incision to make sure it wasn't getting infected. 

Over the next following days I realized I was in a bit of pain... nothing too bad. A week after my incision I noticed a giant bulge on it, I could barely even stand at this point it was so painful. I felt fine the day before. No extreme pain or anything. Needless to say, I ended up in the emergency room. I was told my body would fight off the infection within a couple days. Within a few hours of being released from emerge, it burst open... back to emerge I go.

One of the nurses that knew I was there earlier in the day was not happy to see me back there or to hear what the doctor had told me, she was one of the few good nurses I had in my stay. I ended up back in mother/baby care unit. I was told just before going there that the special wound care people would be there basically as soon as I got into my room. Six hours later, they finally show up. There's so much more, but thats the main stuff. 

As for the one event in NICU, I was trying to get my daughter on bottle - they had her on a feeding tube. After 36 hours of having her on a bottle, I needed sleep. I'm surprised I stayed up that long. Her one feed during my short 4 hour sleep, the nurse fed her through her tube because she couldn't be bothered to try and feed her through the bottle... so to say the least, I was back at stage one.

Emotionally and mentally, I never want another child again. My experience was horrible. I dealt with depression as a teen so postpartum hit me hard (still dealing with it). Thinking back on it I'm surprised a lot of them have a job. They either don't know what they're doing or just don't care about patients.

I did provide feedback, and one of the few good nurses I had went to her boss and told them. They were not happy to hear how I was treated either.

Submitted by A