K's Story - London Health Sciences Centre, London

October 1, 2009 - The day I gave birth was a hectic one. At about 2pm, I started to realize that the baby wasn't moving as much as she was usually very active. I got picked up by my mom at 3:30 to go to the hospital, got there at 4, didn't get into the emergency room until 6:00 - that's 2 more hours my unborn child was without air because they apparently "lost my paperwork" when it was sitting right in front of them (as my OB, Dr. Usher, pointed out to them). 

My daughter was born blue - not breathing and no pulse. The umbilical cord was wrapped 3 times around her neck. They resuscitated her 3 times - last time she sucked. She's a true miracle! 

I was 14 when I gave birth. They put me under for an emergency C-section. When I was in the recovery room I had no idea if I had a boy or girl, so when I woke I asked the nurse who was changing the after-birth pad whether I had a boy or girl. He told me that I just woke up and he would not tell me. 

Frustrated, I raised my voice and said "I don't care if I just woke up, I wanna know did I have a boy? girl? monkey or elephant? Like come on!" He looked at me and said "You had a little girl." in a snippy attitude.

The impact of this experience has led to my daughter to have one kidney, and some emotional trauma to myself, I look back on that day everyday because of how lucky I am to have my daughter. I did not write a complaint as I was young and didn't know you could at the time.

Submitted by K