Clarence-Rockland Family Health Team

Lisa's Story - Clarence-Rockland Family Health Team, Rockland, Ontario

“We went to emergency where finally I was taken seriously and finally someone would listen to me! I was seen immediately, given an ultrasound and they discovered that the fetus was still inside and was causing an infection, they were worried about me going septic. They immediately scheduled me for a D&C and were curious as to what happened. Why was I in the emergency room more than a month after my miscarriage with the fetus still inside? Why had I not been scheduled for a D&C? So I told them this story. They were horrified! Absolutely horrified! And told me that I should file a complaint so that nobody else has to go through what I did. I was referred to an amazing OB who didn't tell me until I became pregnant again that he was worried this would cause infertility. I am so lucky that it didn't.”

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