Soldiers Memorial Hospital

C's Story - Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Orillia, Ontario

“without explanation of any risks or reasons, she announced that she was going to break my water and proceeded to aggressively enter my vagina with an amnio hook. This was not a treatment I had been previously informed about or had given consent to. With much force, she repeatedly hooked and pulled, saying that it was very hard to break my amniotic sac. At one point, she pulled the hook out, said she wasn’t sure she had broken my water and I braced as she went back in to keep trying. She was aggressive, determined and didn’t care that I was extremely uncomfortable and confused. After she was finished I had a lot of bleeding. I was then given a pad to wear for that bleeding and was left with my midwife for further care. After giving birth to my daughter, we saw that she had three deep gouges out of her scalp. One of the gouges was right on the edge of her soft spot. It became clear that the bleeding I was having prior was not my own blood but was from the head of my unborn child.”

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S.P.'s Story - Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Orillia

"Never has anyone treated me like [that doctor] did! I have been the victim of sexual assault in the past, and even that did not compare to how [she] treated me or how it made me feel. I repeatedly asked her to stop the exam, give me a moment, etc., all of which she ignored. She continued forcefully with the exam, while I cried and writhed in agony. "


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